Friday, August 26

Hurricane! ...and a drink ;o)

We get hurricane warnings all the time, but it's Delaware! nothing happens here! ...but then we had an earthquake this week! So now we are really taking this hurricane thing serious! We are preparing for possible loss of power and things of that nature.  All of this after two hard days of my real job :o(   so in celebration of my hard week... here is a great drink idea!  hope everyone stays safe! hugs!

Ice straws! I bet these would be great for shots! wink ;o)   Ice straw trays here



  1. While the entire gulf coast (new Orleans especially!) sighs a huge sigh of relief, we are keeping our east coast friend in our prayers! Good luck and stay safe! Hope you have plenty of everything you need alcohol helps :)

  2. Hee Hee! I absolutely love the Hurricane! I mean the drink not the weather! Stay safe! Love the straws!!!

  3. Cute!!!
    Stay safe & dry!

    Unfortunately, we are used to hurricanes in FL (sometimes multiple weekends in a row).


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