Thursday, August 18

Unique food displays

First... thanks for all your well wishes! Being sick sucks! ...and I still needed to go to my "day" job because it's a very important week of stuff going on (ew!). At least the weather has been a few degrees cooler!

Wine riddling racks make the perfect cone holders! Source

Use nature elements, like plants, to create a very beautiful way to present things that may look like bar food if you stuff them all on a buffet plate! Serve items on beds of rice, dry beans - think coffee beans, m&ms, etc for sweet items! Source

A spool display would be adorable to display donuts, icecream cones, cannolis (fill your own shell station)... source

How fun is a cookie tree?!? I love how whimsical this display idea is - you could use for more themes than just woodland - just accessorize! Source