Thursday, September 22

Bird baby shower/party ideas/inspiration

It's been a while since I forced my love of birds on you guys ;o)  If you want to peek at some older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a bird theme - peek here

Love this little setup! Incorporate natural elements with your birds to really round out the theme.  If you use the natural tones of browns and greens, they lend a great palate to add another color for a pop! Source

LOVE this idea! Bendy tree branches to serve up mini cupcakes!!! Super fun! Source and tutorial

You could do this for any theme... stamped bird around a toothpick adds a little touch of Frosting for your theme... Source

Chocolate molds are fun... but displayed like this is GENIUS! Think of other themes you could use molds for! Use luster dust to give the chocolate a little extra Frosting! Source