Monday, September 26

Miscellaneous Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I hope you guys got less mosquito bites than I did! I tried to get as much wedding stuff done between cleaning and spending my life on Pinterest lol!

How beautiful are these baby's breath flower balls?!? I am definitely doing a few for the wedding! These would be great for a baby shower or garden party or any girlie party for that matter! Source

Pick up clear ornaments and fill them for a party based on theme (glitter, candy, feathers, toys, etc) and hang over your space... then reuse them in house and change with the seasons/holidays! Source unknown

Antiquing paper would be a great idea for an antique/vintage or pirate/treasure hunt party! Source and tutorial

I had to throw something weird in the mix ;o) Eye ball making! These seem so dang simple! Make a big batch and store them for Monster parties, Halloween, etc. Source and tutorial



  1. The baby's breath and ornaments are SOOOO Gorgeous! OMG!

  2. I am addicted to Pinterest. What name are you under so I can stalk you there too :) I'm under Fizzy Party

  3. Love those baby's breath balls! Say that one fast! Hope you are well my friend!!!

  4. We make Christmas ornaments every year, but I am in love with the fall inspiration!!


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