Monday, September 12

Shopping Saturday!

So Sat was filled with eye drama - D hurt his eye and we spent the day working through doctors, medicine and glasses shopping... here's my cute pirate ;o)

...he's on the mend now, though! So here's Shopping Saturday on Miscellaneous Monday ;o)

Look at these little baby sized apples! Not only perfect for dipping... use for Apple Picking Party, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, School theme and other parties too! Check your local produce place for inspiration!

Found: Local market
Section: Fruit
Price: $3.49

Super adorable animals perfect for decorating a Woodland party!

Found: Pier 1
Section: Seasonal
Price: Varies

Love a Bug theme! Lots of items to help you stash away...

Found: Michael's
Section: Bargain bins
Price: $2.00

I thought this on it's side would be an awesome cake pop stand for an Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving party!

Found: Michael's
Section: Unfinished
Price: ?

Love these spider cupcake holders! Use not only for Halloween, but Charlotte's Web or Spiderman parties too!

Found: Michael's
Section: Seasonal
Price: $4.99