Thursday, September 15

Woodland - for girls! party ideas/inspiration

I don't know about you guys but WOOT! the weather has finally changed! It is feeling like Fall here tonight and I LOVE LOVE it! Can't wait to curl up with a book and a quilt!

Woodland theme is a great one for the turning weather... here are some ideas to Frost your next Woodland theme for a girl! Don't forget about these (here) older, but still fresh!, Frosting ideas...

Woodland can be girlie!... add pops of color and ribbons to make the theme more feminine.

Collect pine cones to use for your party or make these fun, colorful ones!  Source and tutorial

How cute are these owl pillow boxes? Perfect for favors or use as a craft project! Source and tutorial

Serve theme food like these shortbread "snails" - yummy! Source

This is such a great idea... lots of gummies out lately - whip up some cupcakes and top with woodland themed gummy candies! (WalMart had (may still have) these) Source