Tuesday, October 11

Back with some Halloween!!! - Bats!

WHEW! Ladies - put down the party supply list and go see your dentist! I am behind in my maintenance (blush) and seriously gonna pay for it now! Terrible toothache!!! I can't get my cavity filled until next week :o( So sorry for taking a few days off for a pity party - but if anyone knows how to throw a pity party - it's a party girl! ;o)

Add these to your Halloween inspiration....

Turn little pumpkins into these bats! These are perfect because they are inexpensive and take up a lot of visual space! Source and tutorial

Look for even small opportunities to Frost! Don't have craft machines? Print out a bat, cut and add glitter - ta-da!.. perfect way to Frost a hostess gift of a bottle of wine! Source

Plain black Chinese take out boxes become a batty favor box! You could even set this up to be an activity for the kids to decorate! Source and tutorial

Super creepy!!! Black chicken "bat wings"!!! These are super simple and will totally freak out your guests! Source and recipe (using black food paste buy here)



  1. LOVE love love BATS. Seriously, I even love the real ones, they are soo cute! These ideas are great and don't feel bad at all for taking a few days off. I haven't blogged in a few days either and I have nooo excuse. In fact I'm off to blog right now. Feel better :)

  2. OMG! I love the bats! I'm so going to have to make some of them once the pumpkins come in this Saturday at my church. Totally sucks about the tooth ache, ya know I know how it feels! But look on the bright side, atleast you'll be able to get it taken care of before the wedding!

  3. These bats are adorable! Not sure I can pull off the 'bat wings', but the pumpkins are now on my to-do list! -Steph

  4. Love the pumpkin bats. As far as the chicken I would be scared! LOL!


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