Thursday, October 6

Farm/Barn party ideas/inspiration

I hope everyone is getting a taste of Fall! The weather here has been AMAZING! Still having a hard time posting in between wedding month! But soon it will be here and then I can refocus!

Here are some ideas for a Fall farm/barn party... don't forget about older (but still fresh!) frosting here

Cute farm table setup - I love fabric cloud background! All the red for the party really pops! Source

I never get tired of seeing new cake pops! "Fresh eggs" cake pops served up with a little gingham ribbon in a crate is just genius! Source

Having trouble finding milk bottles? Use flip top spice jars that you can find at most craft stores or Dollar Tree! Source

Cake dipped in caramel dipped in toasted coconut not only sounds delicious, you can make them look like hay bales! Source

Cover round containers with bandannas with a little moss on top to make an adorable "cake" for the party! Source