Monday, October 24

OMG 6 days! and Halloween- Witch ideas too ;o)

OMG!!! Getting married in 6 days!!! Things are CRAZY! around here! Trying to work a full time career with a commute and finish up things has been exhausting so thank you so much for your kind wishes and being patient with the blog until next week! I promise to be back full speed!

Here is some more quick Halloween inspiration before I start adding moss to a letter "C" heehee...

How much fun are these?!? "Melted witches"! Source and tutorial

Even simpler hat idea... black hersey kisses are "witch hats"! Source

Crescent dough and seasame seeds make yummy hats too! Source and tutorial

And any time you can justify an icecream sandwitch ;o) count me in!!! Source and tutorial