Thursday, November 17

Thanksgiving ideas/inspiration: Turkeys!

Are you guys still planning your Thanksgiving dinner? I know we are! To order out or not heehee...

Here are some cute Turkey ideas to add to your event or send in with the kids to school!

How cute are these turkey tins?! You could pre-cut the pieces and even have the kids put them together.  Source and tutorial

While you guys are laughing over food and wine... set up a large crafting station for the kids to keep them busy! Everything from paper bags to cups to premade forms can provide them with hours of fun.  Make up a few examples to give them inspiration.  Or leverage these ideas for the placeholders for the kids tables.  Source
Cookies and candy corn make up these adorable turkeys - add a little name tag and you can use as place cards! You could even color the end of one stick, put all the them into styrofoam and whichever guest pulls that one gets an extra gift to take home! Source

Pipecleaners and tulle make up these whimsical guys! Source and tutorial

What favors or activities do you guys have planned?