Tuesday, November 29

Unique food bar ideas/inspiration

It's super rainy here today and I have a migraine to match the weather! EW! I wish I was feeling better to work off some of my Thanksgiving treats heehee... hope everyone is recovering from the holiday!

Here are some fun "food bar" ideas to incorporate into your next event...

Grill cheese can be fancy! Set out fancy cheeses and fresh ingredients for your guests to make a new take on a classic! Source 

YUM! Count me in on this cheese bar! Also... steal the idea of the labeled runners! Source

For your dessert option set up a popcorn bar with lots of seasoning and toppings! Source

 ...and S'mores are ALWAYS a perfect go to! When it gets too cold out, set up gel candles inside to roast your marshmallows and keep the fun going all year round! Source