Saturday, December 3

Shopping Saturday!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We spent the day out in the park and some shopping after - very nice day out! Still getting over my sinus infection (ew!) but getting a little better!

Here are some local finds (at National Chains) that I have seen along my way this week that might help you stash for your next event...

Stash these Sports piggy banks away for your next Football, Baseball (wink wink Brittanie!) or Soccer parties

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Ceramics
Price: $1

More Sports stash... bubbles and bouncy balls!

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Christmas
Price: $1

Lip gloss that would make the perfect stash for your next Birthday or Cupcake party or Icecream social!

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Make-up
Price: $1

Hard to get a good look, but these Snowflake swizzlers would turn any holiday glass festive!

Found: Michael's
Section: Christmas
Price: $2.99/4

Have you seen this new stuff?! It's like tape-kinda-wallpaper-kinda (technical description!) - for packaging, furniture, walls, etc - think of the possibilities! Animal prints, Butterflies and all kinds of patterns!

Found: Michaels
Section: Stencils
Price: $6.99

...and of course I am always growing my cookie book library!

Found: Amazon (here)
Section: Cookbooks
Price: $15.14