Sunday, January 8

Advertise on Party Frosting!

Grow your business or blog... Advertise on Party Frosting! 
With 6000-7000 page views a day, your advertisement will get plenty of exposure! 

I stopped tasking advertising last year to focus on wedding planning - so hurry up and snag a spot while it's open again! Very low costs will appeal to the smallest of blogs/businesses!  I can even help create an ad button if you don't have one! .... If you are interested, please send an email to

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  1. Hey Kim! I know it has been crazy! Congrats on the wedding! Good luck trying to find new/more advertisers. Just wanted you to know that I have a list of links on my page and you are one of my favs... Promise I'm not a stalker! LOL!

    My party stuff never went anywhere since people expect services for FREE! Oh, well, I'm good!

    Take care! Hugs and Prayers!


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