Saturday, January 21

Shopping Saturday!

brrrr!!!! It's super cold and rainy so my Shopping Saturday was QUICK! I wanted to get home to a quilt and a cup of coffee! Hope everyone is staying safe as the country has severe weather in some places!

Here are my Shopping Saturday finds... finds from local stores (but national chains) that might help you stash away for your next event!

Having a Garden or Dora the Explorer party this Spring? Pick up these gloves and garden tools!

Found: Lowes
Section: Clearance
Price: $1!!

Having a Princess, Alice in Wonderland or Spa party soon? Snag up these incense bottles - dump them out and enjoy a great container for restuffing for just a buck!

Found: AC Moore
Section: Clearance
Price: $1!!!

Make sure you carefully sniff out the Holiday clearance... Like this candle holder you could snag for an Angel themed Baby shower! 

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Clearance
Price: $1.09

Speaking of Holiday clearance... don't overlook just because it's Holiday printed! Like these wine tags... just bring them home, paint with chalkboard paint or cover with contact paper! You won't have worry about free-form cutting them!

Found: Michael's
Section: Clearance
Price: $0.44

Doing a Bicycle theme? This cute piece would look adorable with fresh flowers in the baskets!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Spring
Price: $16.99
definitely use a coupon!

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