Monday, January 16

Cupcake party theme ideas/inspiration

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I ventured into my craft room and came out alive! lol - definitely trying to get reorganized after the holiday whirlwind!

If you are struggling with a theme - go with a cupcake theme - who doesn't love cupcakes?!? You can play it towards a boy or girl just by switching up the color scheme. 

Cupcake theme lets you explore whatever color scheme you want! Super cute tabletop - I love the cupcake fabric! Source  (fabric)

Set up the party like a bakery! Chalkboard, kraft boxes and glass jars set the scene! Source

Find different types of food/desserts to make into cupcake shapes... these cupcake mints are adorable! Source and recipe

How clever are these?!? Marshmallows that are done up like cupcakes!!! Cute for any party. Source

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