Thursday, January 12

Valentine's Day ideas/inspiration

Aren't we all glad that once one holiday ends another's planning begins?! Sometimes I really love summer - pressure is only on at least one good BBQ and 4th of July and you can even combine the 2 and call it a day!

So if you are prepping for Valentine's Day, below are some ways to add a little extra Frosting! For the peep on last years older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Valentine's - check out my pin board: here.

Love advents! A "kiss" for each countdown day! Source and Tutorial

Get started now and create these fun "love monsters"! Who is thinking these would be great fun as toppers to a cake pop base?! Source unknown :o(  similar tutorial here

These are THE cutest valentine card bags! If you get started now, you might finish in time ;o)  Source and tutorial

SUPER simple (and inexpensive!) Valentine treat... dipped marshmallows with Valentine flags! Source

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