Wednesday, February 15

Desserts - Fruits being bad!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! It got me thinking about chocolate covered strawberries... so here are a few ways to turn that healthy fruit a little naughty ;o)

Apple slices are a great snack... but chocolate covered apple slices coated in nuts and coconut is a party! Source

Strawberries have great health benefits... so dipping in burleed marshmallow cream will help encourage you and your guests to eat more ;o)  Source and tutorial

Bananas are sweet on their own, but rolling in all these goodies would make them even sweeter! Source and recipe

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  1. LOL Love the play on words. Oh my Kim, ALL of these fruits look tasier than ever. I'm making some of these.

  2. I already love fruits...but a little extra temptation isn't bad at all! Thanks for the cute ideas. :-)

  3. These are going on my list of 'must try to do it myself' I've had chocolate covered apples and bananas in an Edible Arrangement (purchased by someone else) Those suckers are expensive! but tasty :)
    They can't be that hard to DIY, right?


  4. Ypur link to the marshmallow strawberried is flawed. There is no tutorial or recipe.


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