Friday, February 3

Football/Superbowl party ideas/inspiration

Anyone doing a Superbowl party? We aren't big football people, but we plan to make some fun food anyway!

Here are some ideas that might inspire you for this weekend or a future football party!

Setup your table with a big goal post and your favorite teams colors. Source

Look close... these are edible!!! Source and tutorial

If you don't have the time to make, put up a chalkboard and draw football patterns as a great backdrop. 

Use tube socks to create fun cozies and astro turf for coasters! Source

Total genius - dye shelled hard boiled eggs (who knew?!) and make football deviled eggs! Source and tutorial

A little frosting turns these chocolate covered almonds! Source and tutorial

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  1. LOve the almonds...quick, easy, yummy and cute!

  2. Excellent pieces. Keep posting such kind of information on your blog. I really impressed by your blog.


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