Wednesday, February 29

Golf Party Ideas/Inspiration

A friend was talking about golf today at work - I have tried to golf and that is good enough for me lol... I do kick butt in mini-golf, though!

Here is some Frosting to add to your Golf theme event...

Super cute tablecloth idea - argyle patterns are a must in a golf theme!  Source

How clever are these lunch baskets for the kids?! Glue golf balls to the bottom of inexpensive baskets.  Source

Wrap "club" sandwiches in coordinating paper and add a tee - so adorable! Source

Other fun golf themed food... pretzel "hole flags", donut "bucket of balls" and blue Kool-aid as "Water Hazard"! So clever! Source

Fondant even the most novice baker can do! Cut round green circles, mini black circles and roll tiny white golf balls (secret, just a little dab of water will "adhere" each piece to each other).  Add tiny hole flags to toothpicks and you have an easy and awesome dessert! Source unknown :o(

party add on!
Wooden golf appetizer picks! Purchase here - link

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