Saturday, February 11

Shopping Saturday!

My hubby and I are celebrating Valentine's Day today - we made an appetizer and dinner from scratch and after I post, we'll make from scratch cannoli! woot!

Here are some local finds (at national chains) that might help you stash away for your next event!

How cute would these sandwich holders be in lunch kits at your Princess, Peter Pan or Spiderman parties?

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Kitchenwares
Price: $1

For your Flower, Garden or Hippie themed party, pick up these foam picks. You can cut them down and use as cupcake toppers! Add a little extra frosting with a stick on gem in the center!

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Seasonal
Price: $1

Having a Diva or Fashion party? Snag up these cute purse lip glosses!

Found: Michael's
Section: Registers
Price: $2.99

 I love all the adorable erasers that are being sold these days! This pack would be perfect for your Art themed party.  Use as favors or hot glue a toothpick in and use as cupcake toppers!

Found: Michael's
Section: Toys
Price: $1.00

Keep an eye out for after Valentine sales! These candy rings will make all the guests happy at your Princess or Cars themed parties!

Found: Target
Section: Valentine
Price: $3.99

LOVE Easter baskets for parties - these to me are buckets - stash these away for your favor or serving buckets for Sponge Bob, Princess, Cars and Elmo themed parties!

Found: Big Lots
Section: Easter
Price: $1.50

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