Thursday, March 15

grrrrr... baking accident!

Ok, please tell me I am not alone....

1. I went before work for needed ingredients for the below cupcake inspiration & irish potatoes
2. I left the cream cheese in the fridge at work
3. Stopped at convenience store on way home to get more cream cheese, they had none
4. Stopped at grocery store got some
5. Called husband, said order something bad for dinner, I've had a bad day
6. I begin making batter.... I don't have enough sugar
7. Food is delivered... it's wrong, call reorder
8. Go out for sugar...
9. Make batter put in oven
10. Cupcakes look weird... I forgot the baking soda
11. Food took TWO hours from original to arrive

So... guess what... my coworkers can look at a picture of what I WAS going to bring tomorrow - I am giving up! Sticking my tongue out to you Today! I like Tomorrow better anyway! so nah!

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  1. We still love you, and you are definitely not alone! I am my own comedy of errors! (and I'm a professional!lol)

  2. I have done that, well not all of that, before. I have started making cookies and realized I didn't have enough flour OR sugar! Or go to the grocery and buy 15 things and get home and realize you forgot the one thing you actually went for! At least I have given up sugar for lent so I can't make anything sweet. Hope tomorrow is better!

    1. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone! I did feel guilty and wake up early and make Irish potatoes (candy) for the office!

      hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  3. ugh..I hate when I have days like that!!! The picture looks great though :)

  4. Oh I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me. I wish I could just stick my tongue out and say, sorry, you'r enot getting any. But I always trudge back out to the store, staying up till WAY past my bed time just so I can deliver. Good for you for not going back out AGAIN for what you forgot or rebaking everything. Hope your Friday is better :)

  5. I just made swirl cookies and I couldn't get the sprinkles to stick so I flattened my roll to press the sprinkles in and by flattening the log - I ruined the swirl. So frustrating. So yes, everyone has days like yours!

    1. Thanks so much for your note! I am glad I am not alone!

      Kim @ Party Frosting!


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