Thursday, March 15

grrrrr... baking accident!

Ok, please tell me I am not alone....

1. I went before work for needed ingredients for the below cupcake inspiration & irish potatoes
2. I left the cream cheese in the fridge at work
3. Stopped at convenience store on way home to get more cream cheese, they had none
4. Stopped at grocery store got some
5. Called husband, said order something bad for dinner, I've had a bad day
6. I begin making batter.... I don't have enough sugar
7. Food is delivered... it's wrong, call reorder
8. Go out for sugar...
9. Make batter put in oven
10. Cupcakes look weird... I forgot the baking soda
11. Food took TWO hours from original to arrive

So... guess what... my coworkers can look at a picture of what I WAS going to bring tomorrow - I am giving up! Sticking my tongue out to you Today! I like Tomorrow better anyway! so nah!

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