Tuesday, March 27

More Easter inspiration: Eggs!

Who doesn't love eggs?! Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, we all can agree that eggs ROCK! Ok, now I want to go make deviled eggs! YUM!!!!

Here are a few ways to Frost your eggs this year! Don't forget about this older, but still Fresh!, Frosting for Easter (here)

Ok, these egg "geodes" are TOTALLY getting done when my stepson visits for the summer! How beautiful are these?! Source and tutorial

Speaking of deviled eggs... you can die them pretty pastels (great idea for a shower too!) ...ok I am REALLY craving them now! Source and tutorial

Make your eggs fun with stick on flowers! You can make the 3D with painting leaves on then gluing/sticking on flowers! They look adorable on these candle sticks too! Source: Old Martha mag

...and who says you have to go with colors?! Go for gold baby!  (or silver, bronze, etc)...p.s. these are CHOCOLATE! WOOT! Source and tutorial

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  1. Those egg geodes are too cool!! Why didn't they think of cool things eons ago?

  2. Um golden chocolate eggs, woo hoo! and those geodes are bling to the 10! LOVE

  3. Though it's late for Easter Sunday, I can use it next year or for a different occasion.


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