Monday, March 12

More St. Patty's Day ideas/inspiration

I am still trying to decide what to make for our office St. Patty's day celebration... here are some of my choices... which one would you choose?!

Leprechaun marshmallow and cookie hats! Super cute! Love the extra touch of green sprinkles on the rim! Source and tutorial

I haven't worked with marzipan before but these "potato" cakes make me want to try! How convincing are these?! YUM! Source and tutorial 

I am leaning towards these mint oreo cupcakes because well, 1. they are oreos, 2. they are chocolate hello?! do I need a 3?! lol... and they would be easy for a Thursday night! Source and recipe

The ever insanely creative Hungry Happenings does it again! Chocolate covered apples pot of gold! Only thing I would add to this masterpiece is an extra dab of Frosting - rainbow ribbon on the stick! Source and tutorial 

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  1. Love that pot of gold but who the heck has time for this!? I have to get cracking!

  2. I love the leprechaun hat s'mores. Adorable and they look yummy!!

  3. I'm making Irish Cream cupcakes for my mini work party. In fact I can smell the Irish cream all the way back here in my computer room, which is down the hall from the kitchen. mmmm


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