Tuesday, March 20

Moving on to Easter! Party ideas and inspiration! Bunnies!

Can you believe we are already moving on to Spring themes?! Thank goodness we are out of winter! WOOT!

Here are some ideas and inspiration to Frost your Easter celebration! And some fun inspiration you can modify to use in other themes if you don't celebrate Easter!

How stinkin' cute is this bunny cookie banner?! You could definitely do this for many different themes! Super cute AND edible!! Source and tutorial

How cute are this mini bunny cookies?! Sign me up for a cup full! Think about how you could shrink down your party theme into bite sized yummy-ness! Source

You can't not love a dressed up lolli! Great favor to send the kids to school with! Source and tutorial/download

I know you just said "awww" out loud, didn't you ;o)  Great art project or perfect favor bag! Source and tutorial

These have ADORABLE fronts too... but I wanted to show the pic of how darn cute they were from the back! Do you see that tail?!? So if you aren't a cookie artist, just make the ears plain! They are so cute just like this! Source and tutorial

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