Thursday, March 22

Rainbow party ideas and inspiration

I am so beat today! Have those nights where you toss and turn thinking of creative stuff?! Where you want to keep thinking about it but you want to sleep - UGH!

Today's inspiration is for a Rainbow party - great theme for anytime through the year and so easy to find matching accessories! Don't forget the older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a rainbow party theme here (link)

 You can't not love this color popping setup! From the pom-pom rainbow backdrop to the rainbow cake to the rainbow parfaits and drinks! Don't be afraid to go over the rainbow top with this theme! Source

Super clever idea... cutting a traditional wreath form in half and make it a rainbow to greet your guests! Source and tutorial

Look closely! There are fruit roll ups made into a fantastic edible bunting! Genius! Source and tutorial

Serve up some fairy bread (sugar, butter and bread) Not much nutrition heehee... but it's a party! Source

Finish off with some rainbow jello bites served up in orange wedges! Source and tutorial

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