Saturday, April 7

Shopping Saturday!

Ok, I totally shop my backside off this weekend! (ok, I WISH my backside was shopped off! lol... but we did A LOT of shopping!)... but mainly on house and clothes - but I did find a few party things along the way... Here are some items found at local shops (but National chains) that might help you stash for your next event!

How fun is this drink hydrant?! Perfect accent for your Fireman themed party! Would even be funny in a Dog theme ;o)

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Kitchen
Price: $14.99

Super cute and colorful cups and spoons for your Icecream party! (my thumb not included heehee)

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Kitchen
Price: $3.99/4

Angry Birds are popping up everywhere! Stash away some of this candy for your party!

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Registers
Price: $.98

This place had it all! plushes, keychains, stickers, etc... definitely plenty to stash for your Angry Bird party

Found: $5 and below
Section: Toys
Price: varies

No more cooking with a lightbulb lol... but these are still fun! Easy bake oven dress cookie kit would be perfect for a Fashion/Diva theme!

Found: $5 and below
Section: Toys
Price: $5

When Easter is over, snag up the baskets! This one is perfect for your Princess or Ballerina party! Definitely could transform a plain basket into this easy with some ribbon and tulle!

Found: Big Lots
Section: Easter
Price: $7

Having a Fireman's theme? Great little sets! (...Brittanie aren't you mad they didn't have these axes for your Lumberjack party!?)

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Toys
Price: $1


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