Thursday, May 24

Memorial Day BBQ/Cookout inspiration

Is everyone planning a cookout this weekend? We are planning on doing ribs for the first time ever! I have never tried to cook them at home - fingers crossed they come out good! What are you guys cooking?

here is some inspiration for your Memorial Day celebration... don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Memorial Day here (link)

Create a festive backdrop or space divider with this folded paper project! Source and tutorial

Take your setup to new heights with a fabric canopy held up by tree branches. The canopy not only adds color and drama, it will add some shade for your goodies! Source

Hot dogs don't need to be just thrown in a metal tray... Frost up your serving station and make dressing a hot dog tons of fun with a hot dog bar with all the fixings! Source

These little BBQ grills are cake pops!!! Super cute idea! Source

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  1. These are some wonderful ideas! I especially like the hot dog bar with all of its toppings. It will provide great inspiration for an birthday barbeque.

  2. We love your tissue decorations on this post!! We tried to find the tutorial on how to make them, but no success. Can you point us in the right direction or give us some direction as to how to make them? Would love to use them for a baby shower :) Thanks!!


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