Sunday, May 27

NEW - Sunday Showcase! *Real Parties*

Not sure if you notice the post last Sunday - based on a lot of emails about party submissions, I wanted to devote a day a week to showcasing "real parties" - we all love drooling over the over-the-top professional parties that have products sponsored and professional photographers - but in the end, 95% of us aren't those people ;o)

So each week, will dedicate the blog to showcasing parties that hopefully will put a smile on your face and help us all remember what is most important in a party is the love that went into it and the fun the guests had, right?!

Something I didn't think about was how hard it would be to pick one party out of the submissions to hightlight! AGH! So I thought maybe the best way to do it was pick the one that made me smile the most, fair I hope?!

TOP PICK: Sara's neice's rocking Diva Dance Party!
see full party here: link
Why my pick? I could TOTALLY imagine myself at that age bopping around and having the time of my life! We used to make up dance routines and perform... yes, I grew up to work in technology in an office job and I can't sing... but hey, it was fun when we were young enough to not care if we could sing or dance!

Decor: Lots of great touches - banners, jazzed up table and rocked out party stations!

The Fun:  Seriously, wasn't this you at this age?! This group of pics totally sold me! Lots of dancing and each girl got to decorate her own rocking tee! (art activities always score high with me!)

The food:  Homemade guitar cupcake cake and microphone ice cream, duh! What else would you serve?! ;o)

The Invitations/Favors: Each girl got a VIP pass and a rocking Dance Party CD!

Also give some love some other picks of the week! 
no particular order

Pre-K Graduation Ice Cream Social!
Submitted by Tram Luu

Barnyard Party!
Submitted by Emma Rowe

Elmo Party!
Submitted by Hollie Padron

Peter Pan Party!
Submitted by Ashley Anthony

Thanks everyone that sent in photos! If you would like to submit your party for consideration for next week's "Sunday Showcase" - email me photos and description to: kim.partyfrosting at

rules:  Homemade parties only! Lots of great party sites to highlight the professionals! (we heart them too!)

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