Tuesday, June 19

Hot air balloon party ideas and inspiration

Still trying to kick my hubby's cold he gave me! grrrr! Work has definitely left me with very little time to catch my breath, too... I say it's about time for a summer vacation!

 ...have you ever done a hot air balloon ride? I have! It was AMAZING! A hot air balloon or Up! Movie theme would be adorable! Don't forget about this older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a hot air balloon theme here! (link)

Take simple white balloons and wrap with ribbon and attach a little box to create a sky full of hot air balloons! Source

Cut out different colored balloon shapes, fold down the middle, glue and add string, then hang at different heights to create a fun hanging garland.  Source and tutorial

For the favors... take inexpensive gift bags, bakers twine and balloons and fill with a fun plush that's along for the hot air balloon ride! Source

For your dessert table whip up these fun jello "clouds"! Perfect for your theme! Source

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  1. holy wow, this is my fave inspiration page by far!! thank yoo for the great finds!

  2. Thanks @ Noblekatt! I think it's such a fun theme too! hugs!

  3. I was looking for the same info about virtually identical & finally i got my answer from your post thanks for sharing this useful info.!


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