Sunday, June 3

Sunday Showcase - Real Parties!

1st sorry no Shopping Saturday! we live 2 miles from this weekend's NASCAR race and all of us locals bunker down and don't leave the house! lol

If you are just joining in, this is a new segment where I will showcase a full "real party" (no professional stylist, sponsored parties, etc - plenty of love for them!) If you would like me to consider your party, please send me a note/pics to kim.partyfrosting at 

TOP PICK: Emma's Wizard of Oz! 
submitted by: Michele Zeblisky
see full party here: link 

Why my pick?  1st, hello?! did you see her pic below?! Hard to say no! ;o)  Also, I love how her mom focused on lots of art and activities at the party and that ALWAYS gets my vote!

Decor:  She started the party off right! Sign welcoming guests and chalk drawn "yellow brick road" leading into the house!

She set up a fun dessert table with great pops of color and mini figurines! 

Food: She thought of clever names for all the food....

Isn't the cake adorable!? You don't have to eat everything on a cake... just think outside the box and the possibilities are endless!

 The fun: Kids were given rainbows to decorate and plenty of themed games...

Favors:  Store bought paper favor baskets made for a cute favor for guests! 

invites & printables: Sparetime prints

paper baskets: Birthday Express
Also give some love some other picks of the week! 
no particular order

Hannah's Neapolitan Party!
Submitted by Shayne Kessler

Lukas and Dash's joint Red Balloon Party!
Submitted by Deanna Iobbi

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