Tuesday, July 17

More BBQ ideas and inspiration! - Farm style!

It's too hot to even think about a BBQ here, but I have been missing cooking out the past 2 days! We got a new grill - half charcoal, half gas and have been using it almost every day! Yesterday, though was lights out - horrible migraine totally robbed my evening! but all better now!

If it isn't burn your face off hot there... then here's some ideas and inspiration to Frost your next bbq... don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a BBQ here (link)

I love farm style setups - this one is so rustic and pretty - look i the background - hanging open picture frames with fresh foliage! What a clever way to create separation in your party space.  Source

Set up your salad bar farm style too! Farmers baskets lined up, each with a different ingredient will be a feast for your guests eyes! (and something you can prepare ahead of time).  Source

Wrap your serving jars with a cut of fabric and tie off with a rubber band, ribbon or twine - you can leave all your condiments in the original jars AND have them look pretty! Source

Use an old wagon to set up a refreshing lemonade station! ...great tip to find more buffet table room if the wagon is stationed somewhere else!  Source

...what's farm style without pie!? These adorable mini pies make a mouthwatering icecream sandwich! so clever! Source and tutorial

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