Sunday, July 1

Sunday Showcase - Real Parties!

Sunday Showcase - Celebrating "real" parties... submit yours today! (kim.partyfrosting at

Why I picked: Milestone birthday's are always hard for a theme... I love what Megan did - she picked a hobby of her mom's and an interest of hers and created a fantastic celebration!

"Fresh from the Garden"
 Submitted by: Megan from Fowl Single File (girl has a good sense of humor!)
 See entire party and writeup here (blog)

Her mom's 60th bday "Fresh from the Garden" - her mom enjoys gardening and she's a big fan of fresh produce.   She chose the orange of a carrot as her main color and the garden section of the market as her main decorations....

Genius! ... she used fresh produce in super creative ways... with the leaves still in tack for her centerpieces...

....and cut off the bottoms to use as card holders! (see, it's a radish!)


an Easter time highlight idea on Party Frosting...she wrapped silverware to look like carrots...

In carrying out her theme, she put tons of fun "puns" - I think "free samples" is my favorite!

She made garden topped cupcakes... and incorporated her mom's birth year on the seed package! ingenious! (look at the "Est. 1952")

And lastly... sent the guests home with "Strawberry" rocks and strawberry gift boxes!

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