Saturday, July 7

too hot to shop!

Good thing we did our "all vegetarian" BBQ early yesterday (so much fun, glad we waited till Friday!), it just has been getting hotter and hotter! Today was too hot to even have the energy to shop (gasp!) So no Shopping Saturday today :o(

 ...I'll leave you with some water inspiration - you know we have been gulping it down! Hope you are staying cool!

Love the idea of a "water bar" at your party! You can do these regulars... and add a few unexpected - ginger, strawberries, mint, etc....

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  1. We're just now getting some sun here in Oregon too. Loving it. And yes, we'll be drinking a lot of water too. Adding some flavors now that I see your post :)

  2. I love your blog. It´s great and so inspirating.
    Lovely hugs


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