Monday, August 20

More Back to School Party Inspiration!

Finally getting life back together after our trip! How long does it take you to unpack?! I swear it's at least a week for me lol... I feel so thankful to come back to such great weather that we can leave the windows open!

Today's inspiration is more for Back to School bashes! Are you having one?! Don't forget older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Back to School parties here (link)

How fun is this setup?! You could recreate the tree using a sheet of kraft paper.  Source

The perfect toppers for your cupcakes... "chalkboards"! Source .... Tutorial

Edible pencils will impress all guests! Source and tutorial

 Are these not the most genius macarons?!? Total confession... I am terrified of trying to make a macaron - I bake all the time but I just don't want to fail - I need to make this my new year's resolution! lol.  Source and tutorial

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