Wednesday, August 29

Party Food: Mini Appetizers with Tomatoes

This week has been such a mess! I can't wait for next week for a total do over! I have so much to accomplish this weekend - thank goodness it's a 3day weekend! Any fun plans you guys have for the extra time?

Meanwhile... let's look at some yummy mini appetizers that you can make with your garden's supply of ripe tomatoes (or on sale at the market heehee)! p.s. don't forget about older, but still fresh!, ideas to Frost your appetizers here (link)

Anything with goat cheese, I am a HUGE fan! Mini goat cheese and tomato tarts - you will definitely impress your friends with these little fancies! Source and recipe

Whip up some caprese bites! Tomato, basil, sun dried tomato and mozzarella... Source and recipe

BLT stuffed cherry tomatoes! YUM! Source and recipe

I am a HUGE fan of serving bruschetta! You can really dress them up any way you like.  Source and recipe

Party add on!

Don't have enough little plates to do a fancy mini appetizer spread? Grab this disposable set for under $12! Buy here - link

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