Saturday, August 25

Shopping Saturday!

I have been around a few stops today but dang, I am not too inspired! I hate to say it! Come on stores, change over merchandise for the fall! I am bored!

So here are the slim pickings that caught my eye today from local stores, but National chains, that might help you stash for your next event! a few of my online items

 I love finding little touches to Frost your event... this little frog bag clips could be used on favors, placecards, etc for your Frog/Frog Prince party.

Found: Five & Below
Section: Kitchen
Price: $3

Having a Super Mario Brother party? These cute little figurines would make great cupcake toppers & be something the kids can take home!

Found: Five & Below
Section: Toys
Price: $4

Little painted wooden cutouts are so easy and inexpensive to use in your space... these are even better - they have felt, too! Gives such dimension.  Use to make garland, decorate boxes for food stands...

Found: AC Moore
Section: Wood
Price: $0.79

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with minis! These little disposable plates will have you setting up like a pro and you won't have a pile of dishes to punish you later!

Found: Amazon (here)
Section: Plates
Price: $7.73 for 50!

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