Monday, October 15

Halloween: Edgar Allan Poe style!

The place we went this weekend to partake in the Renaissance Fair activities also hosts an Edgar Allan Poe production each year. It's fantastically done with actors dressed up reciting Poe's poems - truly entertaining if you are a Poe fan ;o)

Why not carry the theme home and do your Halloween based on Poe! Some of his tales are creepier than most scary movies!

Just a few touches can really transform your space... few overlooking ravens and bats and some quotes make the perfect touches! Source

Few items place together make more impact then scattered around... a book of poems, old typewriter and another quote board makes a fantastic vignette.  Source

With your food table, don't forget to keep it dark and mysterious... I love the touches here of the raven, top hat and candelabra! Source
With ravens being such a big part of Poe, make sure to place black birds all around. I love this one just perched on the typewriter! Source

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