Friday, November 16

Thanksgiving dinner - touches for large gathering

I am still planning what to make for Thanksgiving oopsie ;o) It's just me and the hubby - so it'll be fine! no stress!

When you are entertaining for a large group, you often don't have enough serving pieces If you are looking for a few special touches to Frost your large dinner party- maybe these can inspire!

If you are having a buffet style... set up your plates with colorful cloth napkins in between - definite eye catcher! Source

You absolutely have to have fresh dinner rolls with Thanksgiving dinner! Why not fold a beautiful tea towel and give them a cozy place to live and keep warm? Perfect solution to not having enough bread baskets to go around! Source and tutorial

Having a lot of guests and don't have enough placemats? Purchase some inexpensive burlap and shred the edges, using a stencil add fun words that will bring a smile to your guests! Source

Not enough napkin rings? Print your menu out and cut into strips to use instead! Guests will know what to choose from AND it looks fantastic! Source

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