Thursday, December 20

Christmas ideas: Coal!

It is so cold and dreary here today I swear 4pm feels like midnight! The days are flying by before Christmas and then my stepson's arrival - I can't wait to see him (he lives in TX). We have a fun week planned for him. I think I get as excited as he does to do the activities we plan!

If you have someone that has been awful naughty on your list... you should give them some coal!

Just a few ingredients will help you pull off this sugary "Coal"! Serve in a burlap bag and add a naughty tag for the perfect silly gift! Source and tutorial

If you want something with a little more substance, food coloring and rice krispy treats would be a great "Coal".  Source and tutorial

Another option would be these no cook Oreo "slabs of coal"! Source and recipe

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