Sunday, December 30

New Year's Inspiration (p.s. I'm back, too!)

I have to say having no responsibility for a week has been AWESOME! Just sleeping, eating and enough cleaning to be respectable lol Hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season! My stepson arrived late Friday night so this morning was our "Christmas" so it's been crazy toy house today!

Some last min New Year's Eve ideas in case you are rushing around!

 How easy is this backdrop?! Brown kraft paper - write the heading "New Year's Resolutions" and have everyone write theirs down! Source

Use cardboard to create a big clock as a backdrop! Source

Add sparkly touch by glittering mini strofoam balls and add rounded tip toothpicks! For extra dab of Frosting, spay paint or glitter the toothpicks! Would make great placecards or just special decorations.  Source

Use ice cream cones to create fun party hats! You could even set up a kids activity station so they can decorate them! Source and tutorial

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