Monday, December 17

Support a teacher

Though I wasn't directly affected by the horrific events on Friday, I cried.  Even this morning I found myself crying along with those on the radio program on the way to work.  I don't want to get on a soap box or take any attention away from those mourning such a tragic event, however, I feel a bit helpless and void of something to do.  On the radio this morning, they were encouraging people to reach out and support a teacher in honor of the many teacher "heros" of Friday and I thought this was an awesome idea.

My mom was a teacher when I was growing up and we were always taught to have incredible respect and love for our teachers.  Unfortunately, that isn't always the case these days.  So for those of us that are far removed from the tragedy on Friday, but feel deeply saddened, I encourage each of us to find a way to support a teacher in our own towns.  Every year we "adopt" a teacher/classroom and donate supplies and treats to one special teacher (that the principle picks for us).  Also, here are a few teacher sites that you can use for donations - please feel free to leave others in the comments below.

many hugs....

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