Tuesday, December 11

Winter Party Inspiration: Wreaths

I shamefully have not gotten a wreath for my door yet! Though being 4 months pregnant, I have shamefully not done a lot of things the past few months lol.

...if you are behind in the wreath getting too, here are some ideas to inspire! p.s. you can also lay a wreath down and put a serving platter in the middle - so beautiful!

How fun and beautiful is this fabric twist wreath?!  Definitely would take some effort, but for something you can reuse every year, it may be worth it! Source and tutorial

Slightly less labor intensive, cut leaf shapes out of felt and glue on to a wreath form... Source

Use scraps of craft paper to create a fun wreath! Source and tutorial

I think this one may be my favorite... a collection of ornaments and balls of yarn glued to a wreath - I love all the color and texture this one brings! Source and tutorial

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