Monday, January 21

Valentine's Day ideas and inspiration

Still luv me?! ;o) WHEW thanks for being so understanding and keeping with during this rough ride of pregnancy! I am on the sleep in no longer intervals than 45 min kick :o( hope this wears of soon! Definitely haven't done much else but sleep, eat and go to work! But such a blessing to bring my first child into the world, so it will be all worth it!

Any way, while I have been in a sleepy daze... everyone else is planning for Valentine's day!, so here are some ideas and inspiration! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Valentine's Day here (link) ...

Since I am sitting here munching on cantaloupe - these watermelon hearts caught my eye! Just a cookie cutter, watermelon, oranges and toothpicks - you can create these fun and good for you! treats! Source and tutorial

Easy gift anyone can do - xoxo cookies! Make one vanilla and one chocolate batch makes them look extra special! Source

We love rice krispies in any shape in this house! These heart shaped ones would be an easy treat to pull off for sending into school! Source and tutorial

How pretty are these jello valentine bars?! Source and tutorial

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