Monday, February 11

More Valentine's Day ideas and inspiration!

Even though I am still battling a terrible cold, I managed to get my hubby's Valentine's Day present today! WOOT! (and a pair of shoes for myself, but who's counting? ;o) Are you ready for Valentine's Day?!

If you need a little more help preparing... here are a few things to inspire you!

How fun are these fruit roll-up fortune cookies?!  What a fun idea for a party favor or just to surprise the family or loved one with! Source and tutorial

You might have to make a batch of these for yourself if you are like me and like the sweet/salty thing - these cupid heart arrows are an adorable gift! Source and tutorial

How sweet would these strawberry heart-topped cheesecake bites?! Perfect dessert for your party, school treat or office! Source and recipe

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