Monday, February 4

Rainbow party ideas and inspiration

Hope everyone had a great weekend and junk food'd it up yesterday!  I did some needed cleaning and sleeping lol... but I had my share of bad food this weekend!

One of the most popular party themes is rainbows - I guess because the colors are so fun and vivid, who could not have fun?! Here are some ideas to inspire you! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a rainbow theme here (link)

See, doesn't all the bright colors make you smile?! I love the colored heart backdrop! When doing this theme, make sure to have a lot of solid spaces for your eyes to rest, whether it be white or one solid color.  Source

A fun centerpiece to make - balloons attached to a styrofoam ball! Source
For a fun drink touch... make these airhead rainbow straws! Save this idea for St Patty's too! Source and tutorial

Another "low skill" ;o)  item is taking candy dots and "glue" them with icing onto marshmallows! Add a lolli stick and stick into a fun display! Source and tutorial, lollisticks (here)

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