Thursday, February 28

Sock Monkey Party Ideas and Inspiration

WOOT! It finally started creeping into Spring weather today! I hope it stays this way for a while! Physical therapy is finally starting to help my poor pregger body and fingers crossed for enough rest to work on the nursery some more this weekend!

Sock monkeys seems to be coming back in full force popularity lately (of course the Pier1 sock monkey commercial is in my head right now!) and they would make an excellent party theme! Here's some inspiration if you want to throw a Sock Monkey bash...

Set up a brown paper bag (or sock) Sock Monkey Puppet station! Include all kinds of fun craft items the kids can decorate theirs with and you can even set up a puppet theater for them to do a little show! Source

Dip the ends of pretzel rods for quick, easy "monkey tails"! Source

How fun would it be to impress your guests with these sock monkey cake balls? Source and tutorial

For your favors put together a quick oatmeal cookie mix in a mason jar topped with Sock Monkey fabric! Source

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