Sunday, February 17


First, I promise not to turn this into a baby journey blog ;o)    ... I just want to check it with all my loyal Frosted Family! I am not going to sugar coat this - my pregnancy has been H A R D

I mean, like givin' up on life hard. We are so overjoyed and thankful that we are able to bring a little guy into this world, so it makes it all worth it.  However, as you can see by my posting, all areas of my life are suffering to support of this beautiful gift - so much for the "honeymoon" of the 2nd trimester!  Over the past 1 1/2 months, I haven't slept more than 45 min at a time and now I have developed such severe muscle spasms in my hips and back that I am in physical therapy... to top that off, I have been fighting a terrible sinus cold for the past 2 weeks...on top of maintaining a demanding day job and long work commute.  :o(   I feel like I am losing touch with all my hobbies, including blogging, friends and family,  but just hang with me guys! I promise to post as often as I can and life will open back up.  I thank all of you for your support and understanding! My hat goes off to any woman who does this more than once! lol...  So as I try and be the best carrier for this little guy, I thank you all for keeping with me and checking in for even the shortest amount of posts sometimes.....

98 days to go till Baby Elias (eh-lye-us) is here!

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