Thursday, March 21

More Easter! - more bunnies!

I took a well deserved day off today! WOOT! Me and the hubby drove out of town to attend a baby consignment expo - what a bust! I was shocked at the prices! I mean 2/3 the price of a new item for a well-loved used one, hmmm... we'll pass! We'll stick to local garage sales lol. It was still a nice day out even though it was snowing at the beginning of the day!  COME ON SPRING ALREADY!

... Anyone else not realize Easter was so early this year?! Here's some more inspiration!

How cute are these bunny butts?! Super cute! Pretzels with icing and a marshmallow -easy enough for everyone! Source and tutorial

These are such a fun idea for gifting! You can really apply this idea to any theme.  Plastic item, mason jars and spray paint! Source and tutorial

Download these bunny templates and use as menu cards, place cards or art activity for the kids! A white carnation, cotton or tuft of tulle would make an adorable tail! Source and download

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