Tuesday, April 16

Diaper cake tips and tricks

I had my baby shower this weekend and I thought it would be fun to do a post on an AMAZING diaper cake that a friend made for me! They are always so much fun to take apart and see all the fun surprises on and inside! AND they make great decorations too (and who doesn't need diapers?!)

Btw, a lot of you amazing people have been asking for my registry (how great of women do I have following Party Frosting!? Love you guys!) My registry: "Kim Chandler/Damian Chandler (in Delaware)" on amazon.com or babiesrus.com

There are tons of tutorials online, so I won't go overboard here, just a few tips and tricks...

This is one of the diaper cakes I got! how great is this?! Tips and tricks to make a diaper cake with items inside (as opposed to all diapers):

- rubber band the diapers before you put them on a cake
- give size 1 diapers at least, a lot of newborns "skip" newborn size or only need a few days of them.
- fill the inside of each "ring" of diapers with even more surprises!
- use ribbon to cover up the rubber bands - try using different, but coordinating ribbon to add more color and interest
- hot glue essential baby needs to the ribbon, this way you don't ruin the diapers! You can also use safety pins or more ribbon to attach to the ribbon, as well.
- pick out a special topper - make sure it's a bit bigger than the other items so it stands out.
- to help with stability, depending on the number of tiers... add heavy items on the bottom and lighter towards the top
- use other items like flowers or bows to help fill space, too
- make sure to add a cardboard bottom (round cardboard cake boards work great too)

Any other tips you can think of? Leave in the comments!

p.s. only 5 weeks to go!!!!!

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