Sunday, July 28

Cookie cutter organization inspiration...

Well, baby Elias is now 2 months old! I can't believe it in some ways... in other ways it feels like forever lol. We are still struggling with a feeding schedule, which is making sleeping very disrupted too...which is making blogging disrupted lol... but we sure love this little guy and love watching him grow and learn! as I have been on maternity leave (from my "paying job" ;o)  I have been trying to find things I can start and stop easily to make sure I can attend to my little bug! This isn't exactly party inspiration, but if you are like me, you acquire a TON of "stuff" that you can't quite justify lol... for me, one of those things is cookie cutters - I am not a cookie artist, nor have I made that many shaped cookies, but I somehow are VERY prepared for any shape I'll ever need lol

I am sure there are a thousand ways to store them.  I have tried plastic containers, boxes, etc, but I always hate sorting through them when looking for something I know is in "that bin" (even if it is in a "category"). here is what I did... do you have any organization tips?

 Supplies I used:
1. Dollar store ziplocks
2. Chalkboard contact paper - buy here: link
3. Gelly Roll pen (I think they work best for writing)

I put the label on the edge of the plastic bag (keeping the categories very specific). Then took the same storage basket I had them all shoved in, and stored the bags.  Now I can go to a bin (I have 6 shhhhh...) and easily see the categories!

...before I stored them, I took pictures of each one (sounds crazy...but hear me out lol)... then I save them and using Picasa, I put a label of "cookie cutter" and whatever the shape.  A big investment now... but later on, I can just search for "circle" and find all the cutters I have and decide which one will work (or if I need to buy another one rofl!).

...I do this with my stamps too... yes, I have a problem lol... but it makes projects so much easier when you can see what you have without pulling it out!

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